The elective courses will be presented Thursday evening.  There will be two sessions lasting 45 minutes each.  Presidents-Elect will be able to attend any two of the following courses.
  • “Risky Business” (15) A Rotary course designed to inform clubs about club liability insurance and coverage that is provide by Rotary International to all clubs.
  • Building A Diverse Club-(25) A top priority for Rotary is growing and diversifying our membership to make sure we reflect the communities we serve and are inclusive of all cultures, experiences, and identities. This session will focus on how clubs learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Increasing Our Ability to Adapt (25) Every organization must adapt and evolve to stay effective and relevant, but change isn't always easy. In this course, you'll learn the basics of how to manage change, including how to succeed in leading it, how to assess people's readiness to make changes, how to plan for change, and how to respond to any resistance.
  • The Rotary Club and Rotaract Connection (40) This session will be a panel discussion led by Rotaract club members  about how rotary clubs can connect with them through professional mentoring, invite them to join Rotary before leaving their Rotaract clubs, and promote community-based Rotaract clubs as Rotary club partners that can expand and diversify service in the community.
  • *Push for Polio” (25) This session will provide a brief status of our fight to eradicate polio, and suggestions to engage clubs and individuals to continue to support this program.
  • Rotary Basics –(100)-A Rotary 101 especially designed for Presidents-elect and Presidents-nominees who have been in Rotary 3 years or less.
  • Responsibilities for Club Finances –(100)  A session focusing on what a Club President needs to know and understand about his or her club's finances.
  • Rotary Club Central & My Rotary –(25)  Hands-on learning how to use Rotary Club Central and My Rotary. Participants must have their own Rotary member number or login, and laptop with keyboard.
  • Membership Development: (40) Best Practices for RECRUITMENT (ATTRACTION) of New Members to GROW Rotary
  • Membership Development: (40)  Best Practices for ENGAGEMENT of New and Current Members to GROW Rotary 
  • Membership Development: (40) Best Practices for RETENTION of Current Members to GROW Rotary 
  • The Rotary Foundation (40)- Hear about the Foundation's impact on the world, learn how donors can support our mission, and get tips for creating a culture of givers.
  • How To Start A Rotaract Club (25)- How to start a community based Rotaract Club.  How can we double the number of Rotaract clubs in the coming year.
  • People of Action / Public Image (40)- How to survive and stay relevant in a highly competitive world of Service Organizations through the tools of Public Image of Rotary.
  • Spouse/Partner Group -Offered once-7:00-8:00PM (40)  What to do while your spouse is being trained.  Come together with other spouses/partners and plan your time at PETS.