Lone Star PETS would not be possible without the dedication and efforts of the PETS Rangers.  The Rangers are responsible for coordinating the transitions between events and meals.  The Rangers jobs start Wednesday morning and end on Sunday afternoon once everything is closed down from PETS.
Rangers are representatives of each of the Districts participating in PETS.
The Rangers are an excellent source of information while you are at PETS and can be identified by their yellow vests and cowboy hats.
Do you need directions?
Do you need a special request?
Do you need assistance with Registration?
Do you need assistance with the Hotel?
Do you need help with a survey?
Do you need help finding something that you lost?
Do you need . . .?
Everything above can be accomplished with the assistance of a PETS Ranger.  They are here to serve you and are a wealth of information.
Our 2020 Rangers
Rhyan Anderson, Chief Ranger - District 5790
District 5730
- Sandra Witt
- Jack Fisher

District 5770
- Wes Hall
- Mark Truett

District 5790
- Colby Van Sickler
- Hal Thurow

District 5810
- JJ Nichols
- JD Grimm

District 5830
- Paul Allen
- Barbara Turner
- Sarah Fox

District 5840
- David Wiechmann
- Dwayne Hopkins

District 5870
- Debbie Tam

District 5890
- Alan Brevard
- Mindi Snyder

District 5910
- Birda Gaskin
- Ernestine Belt

District 5930
- Dana Sisk
- Kathy Preddy